Friday, 8 May 2015

DIY SMALL HOUSE: Tiny House Build Leads to Life-Saver Shelter for Homeless

Put your DIY skills to good use: Build a tiny house for someone who needs shelter. Check out this video to see this awesome act of kindness.

Perhaps you could start something similar in your community using discarded, recycled housing material. Too often you see building material, furniture, etc. with alot of remaining shelf-life thrown out at the dump; or perhaps you could barter your junk for other people's.

This recycling attitude will also help with our burgeoning wastefill problems that are now endemic all over the globe due to our generally wasteful ways of living and our 'disposable' mentality where once our forbears were frugal and naturally practiced sustainable living and consequently had a less devastating impact on their environment (now more and more one giant - and increasingly toxic - landfill or seafill).

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