Wednesday, 17 December 2014

DIY CHRISTMAS CRAFT: More Christmas Decoration Tips

How to Make 3D Snowflake Ornaments for Christmas

Easy Christmas-ornament DIY tips to create inexpensive, 
beautiful, 3D, paper snowflakes for Christmas.

DIY CHRISTMAS CRAFT: 6 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments and More

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas For Your Christmas Tree!

How To DIY a String or Cone Table-top Christmas Tree

Add more Christmas cheer to your table this season with these creative, Christmas ornament ideas: cone and string Christmas trees, and candle-holders.

How to Make a Christmas Wreath from Old Book Pages

Tip: Recycle unwanted old books from your friends and family

Tip: Spray some glitter (in mono or different colors) to add some Christmas glamor!

You can get more creative with your glitter by trying out different shapes for spraying:
  • for example, on the rims of each cone, 
  • or in radiating strips from the center, 
  • or on the body of some of the cones 
  • or try other patterns or
  • use templates eg. old crochet mat place over the wreath
  • or substitute the book pages with coffee filter cones!

DIY Christmas: How to Decorate a Garland for Christmas

Make your own, unique Christmas garland this Season

Tip: You can substitute artificial branches with real conifer branches - pick the younger branches as they are more pliable. They will stay green for a few days. Bonus: the smell of the pine needles will add to the ambience. After Christmas these pines can be recycled into ... believe it or not, underwear instead of just mulch.

Tip: Remove the ribbons and ornaments carefully after Christmas to re-use these next year.

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